It has been shown that, in order to achieve an accurate reconstruction, it is crucial to reliably replicate the empirical degree sequence, which is however unknown in many realistic situations. We assume that, apart from the heterogeneity induced by the degree sequence itself, the network is homogeneous, so that its link density can be estimated by sampling subsets of nodes with representative density.

Saturday links: wet wipe woes[0.20]

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Book Bits |22 October 2016[0.10]

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The mathematics behind blockchain[0.08]

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Enterprise multiple (EM) is the ratio of enterprise value (EV) to earnings before interest, taxes, depreciation and amortization (EBITDA), with EV market value of equity plus total debt and preferred stock value minus cash and short-term investments. What happens when EM disagrees with other stock valuation metrics?

Announcing The Release of DLPAL v1.0[0.04]

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ETF Watch: 2 More Closures Scheduled[0.03]

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Sea of faulty polls[0.04]

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In this article we cover the theoretical bases for two interconnected ideas that we've discussed recently: (a) that the empirical polling results are not as dire as current landslide mainstream media projections make it out to be, and (b) many polls are oscillating about impossibly low probabilities right now for Donald Trump. The average margin of error on these 7 spreads shown is only 3%.

'GLD' Takes In $121 Million[0.06]

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Mixed Vs. Integrated Multi-Factor ETF Portfolios[0.11]

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