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How Does a State’s Party Bias Relate to Per Capita GDP?

Recent data shows that there is a weak relationship between Democratic bias and higher per capita GDP.

capita capita gdp data Democratic dot Gallup gdp identify location represents republican


How do stop-loss orders affect trading strategy performance?

By Tucker Balch, Ph.D. and Anderson Trimm, Ph.D.

A stop-loss order is designed to limit an investor’s loss on a position in a security” —investopedia.

5% stop drawdown gain intended investment past sharpe ratio stock stop stop loss strategy trading


Because of the way the Python programming language is implemented it is easy to “accidentally” define and use global variables without the programmer even realizing it.

The programmer’s intent here was to implement a function that “doubles” its input x .

behave code debug hard oddly protect quick variable visible x0


Do the returns of high turnover trading offset tax consequences?

Strategies that trade frequently usually have high turnover and are therefore taxed at a higher rate than strategies that hold positions for one year or longer.

approaches consequences fund gains index market returns St st fund strategies tax taxed


Could Artificial Intelligence have predicted this correction?

To answer that question, we asked our Machine Learning-based forecaster what it thought would happen a month ago.

data expressed opinion performance platform potential QuantDesk risks roll trading


I was invited by Essex Asset Management to speak about the influence of big data on investment practice in Vero Beach, FL.

Thanks very much to Michael Himmel, Alice Cole, Kerstin Murphy and Haydn Cole for the hospitality and logistical support.

asked gathered insightful questions


Why multiply by SQRT(252) to compute the Sharpe Ratio?

Controversy emerges around the value of K. As originally formulated, the Sharpe Ratio is an annual value.

annually cases comparing factor frequency fund paper ratio sampled sharpe


We’ve had four very successful sessions of my MOOC “Computational Investing, Part I” at Coursera. The Coursera run included over 170,000 students with a 5% completion rate.

campus completion coursera georgia tech graded include OMSCS projects students Zvi


The Wall Street Journal interviews a student who completed my MOOC.

A nice article by Austen Hufford appeared in the WSJ in which he interviews Mike Soule.

algorithms describing develops home job Mike nice runs trading trials