US Business Cycle Risk Report | 16 August 2017 [0.03]

Posted on Aug. 16, 2017, 11:23 a.m. by The Capital Spectator @ [source]

The US economy continued to exhibit a moderate growth bias through July. The eight-year-old US expansion, in short, still looks resilient at the moment.

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The projected risk premium for the Global Market Index (GMI) edged higher again in July. The projected premium for each asset class is calculated as the product of the three inputs above.

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US Growth Rebounds In The Second Quarter [0.01]

Posted on July 28, 2017, 1:49 p.m. by The Capital Spectator @ [source]

Economic activity revived in the second quarter, according to this morning’s “advance” GDP report published by the Bureau of Economic Analysis.

Overall, the resurgence in headline economic growth in Q2 — the strongest quarterly increase since 2016’s Q3 — confirms that 1) recession risk remains low for the immediate future and 2) a moderate pace of growth for Q3 is a reasonable forecast at the moment.

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How to Improve Shiller's CAPE Ratio [0.14]

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The accuracy of U.S. stock return forecasts based on the cyclically-adjusted P/E (CAPE) ratio has deteriorated since 1985. However, the out-of-sample forecast accuracy of stock forecasts produced by CAPE ratios has become increasingly poor.

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Estimates for next week’s “advance” report on GDP growth for the second quarter continue to point to a rebound after Q1’s sluggish pace, but the outlook has been revised down in recent weeks. That’s an encouraging improvement over the 1.4% rise in Q1, but the Journal’s current projection has fallen from previous Q2 estimates.

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Is Equity Premium Predictable? [0.11]

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Is Equity Premium Predictable?

We study the performance of a comprehensive set of equity premium forecasting strategies that have been shown to outperform the historical mean out-of-sample when tested in isolation.

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All actions in the markets based on any method, technical or fundamental, amount to forecasts. In all these cases, any actions to establish new positions, exit any open positions or increase/decrease risk exposure amount to making a forecast about future market direction.

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The expected risk premium for the Global Market Index (GMI) continued to rise in June. The basic idea is to reverse engineer expected return based on assumptions about risk.

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What are the research questions?

With co-author Elisabetta Basilico, PhD, CFA she is writing an upcoming book on research backed investing.

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UK Prime Minister Theresa May’s gamble to call an early general election has backfired, dealing Britain an unexpected outcome that’s dealt another blow to the so-called experts who anticipated that the Conservatives would gain seats in Parliament. Instead, the electorate confounded the polls and forecasting models and delivered a major setback to May’s government.

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The projected risk premium for the Global Market Index (GMI) ticked higher in May. The projected premium for each asset class is calculated as the product of the three inputs above.

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President Donald Trump’s budget is premised on the projection that the United States will be able to raise its long-run economic growth rate to 3 percent a year. This rate allows the budget to assume large tax cuts and still project a balanced budget after ten years.

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Guru Re-grades [0.14]

Posted on May 18, 2017, 10 a.m. by CXO Advisory @ [source]

What happens to the rankings of Guru Grades after weighting each forecast by forecast horizon and specificity? In their March 2017 paper entitled “Evaluation and Ranking of Market Forecasters”, David Bailey, Jonathan Borwein, Amir Salehipour and Marcos Lopez de Prado re-evaluate and re-rank market forecasters covered in Guru Grades after weighting each forecast by these two parameters.

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Judging by futures prices, the market’s expecting that the Federal Reserve will raise interest rates again at next month’s monetary policy meeting. But the Treasury market’s softer inflation forecasts still leave room for debate about what comes next.

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Laura Furgione, the NWS’s former deputy director, discusses where the customer fits in with the agency’s mission of protecting lives and property.

Laura Furgione began her career with the National Weather Service (NWS) as a summer intern in Hawaii in 1992.

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US Q2 GDP Growth Expected To Rebound [0.07]

Posted on May 9, 2017, 10:50 a.m. by The Capital Spectator @ [source]

Tepid economic growth in the first quarter is on track to revive in Q2, according to estimates from several sources.

Among the more bullish estimates at the moment is the Atlanta Fed’s GDPNow model, which is projecting a dramatic acceleration in growth to 4.2% for Q2 (as of May 4) — far above the stall-speed gain of just 0.7% reported by the Bureau of Economic Analysis for Q1.

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Research Review | 5 May 2017 | Forecasting [0.06]

Posted on May 5, 2017, 10:43 a.m. by The Capital Spectator @ [source]

The part of credit spread that is not explained by corporate credit risk forecasts future economic activity. A model selection algorithm is applied to the inflation expectations of households and professionals using a large panel of macroeconomic data.

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We use the ensemble feature generation of DLPL PRO with weekly data of Dow-30 stocks to forecast weekly returns. The strategy based on the ensemble features has less drawdown but the same MAR ratio as buy and hold.

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US Job Growth Slows Sharply As Jobless Rate Falls [0.09]

Posted on April 7, 2017, 1:30 p.m. by HOME @ [source]

Washington (Reuters) – U.S. employers added the fewest number of workers in 10 months in March, but a drop in the unemployment rate to a near 10-year low of 4.5% pointed to a labor market that continues to tighten.

Nonfarm payrolls increased by 98,000 jobs last month as the retail sector shed employment for a second-straight month, the Labor Department said on Friday, the fewest since last May.

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