When Dividends Shine [-0.01]

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It really doesn’t require rocket science to do alright in the markets. Now Lord knows it’s pretty easy to get wrapped up in “crunching numbers” (“Hi, my name is Jay”), but sometimes simple strategies can do reasonably well.

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The benefits of personalization at scale require understanding what “triggers” are and how they really work. Julien Boudet, a McKinsey partner in Seattle who advises consumer-focused companies on marketing, e-commerce, and operations, joins McKinsey’s Barr Seitz to discuss the hurdles companies face and the benefits they can reap when they personalize at scale.

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QOTD: You will always find what you need [0.16]

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Question: What do you know with a high degree of confidence about investing that does not require any statistical support?

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The McKinsey Global Institute finds a huge economic and business opportunity within Africa, but one that can only be fully mined if the continent’s current fragmentation is overcome and its institutions work to improve their governance and performance, writes Acha Leke in Brookings Africa in Focus.

There is no shortage of ideas within Africa about how to create prosperity for the continent’s peoples, and there is huge potential.

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Growing numbers of B2B companies are focusing on digitization to succeed with customer-centric strategies.

Industry-leading B2B companies increasingly respond to intensifying global competition by putting customer-centricity and experience at the heart of their strategy.

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A successful digital transformation requires making trade-off decisions.

Being the CEO of a large company facing digital disruption can seem like being a gambler at a roulette table.

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Utilities and oil and gas firms have long used scenario analysis, but extraordinary times call for new measures.

Strategic and financial scenario analysis has a long, venerable history at energy companies.

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Friday Hot Reads: 2016 A Vintage Year For Bitcoin [0.36]

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And 2016’s Best-Performing Commodity Is ... Bitcoin?

Here’s a silver lining to 2016.

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The Algorithm [0.10]

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A challenge was posted recently on LinkedIn to provide an algorithm to determine the longest palindrome in a specified string.

The joy of high-level, functional programming languages like Mathematica is that they often allow complex tasks to be accomplished easily, or at least in very few lines of code, compared to procedural languages like C, C++, Java or Python.

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A simple kata today.

A forward contract in finance is analogous to a future in computer science, it doesn't return anything until it's got the delivery price at maturity.

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